Australia: Disaster Recovery Grant


Bible Society Australia (BSA) seeks to serve and equip groups who are ministering to Australians in all areas of life by providing Scripture Grants which can be used to acquire Bibles and Scripture resources. This includes the Disaster Recovery grant. BSA supplies Bibles and gospel resources via chaplains and gospel workers.

Emergency chaplains, front line gospel workers and local churches are often among the first responders in any emergency, helping people in difficult circumstances, sharing God’s hope and the good news of Jesus.

The Commonwealth and New South Wales governments have Disaster Recovery Chaplaincy Networks (DRCN) as part of their emergency management plan. The DRCN is a network of trained chaplains from different Christian denominations and religious faiths who provide spiritual and emotional support during and after major disasters.

There is a great need for the Disaster Recovery grant in providing Scripture resources, so that those ministering can help people begin a journey of healing with God’s word.


  • $250 million every year (estimated) is spent on flood recovery in NSW
  • 45k – 65k bushfires require responses from fire services each year

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