Digital Scripture for China’s Millions


This project seeks to provide Bible and Christian resources in a digital format to over 996 million internet users in China.* The goal is to create a digital community to support and encourage the reading, engaging with and sharing the Bible on mobile devices and via their social networks.

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China is the most populous nation on earth, with over 1.41 billion people, comprising close to 20% of the world’s population. Although millions have come to faith in the Lord, there are still about 1.3 billion Chinese who still do not know Christ. About 24% of the world’s non- Christians live in China.

Out of the 996 million internet users in China, about 34% are below the age of 29, while an estimated 26% of elderly above 50 years old are keen internet users now. Internet speeds and improved data connectivity have also increased overall usage year by year. The average user spends 30.8 hours online weekly, an increase of 10% since 2018.

There has been a significant increase in hours spent online during the COVID-19 pandemic, which makes engagement and spiritual development through mobile and digital resources increasingly relevant for Christians in China. Digital engagement is also a way to support outreach efforts of the Church in China, with evangelism tools and discipleship content made accessible and available to all.

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