Bibles for China’s Millions


The United Bible Societies China Partnership (CP) exists to serve and support the Churches in China. Through this project, CP aims to ensure that as many Chinese Christians as possible can own their own Bible. It does so by providing Bible paper to support the printing and distribution of Bibles to the growing number of Christians in China, and to offer free Bibles to those who cannot afford to buy their own.

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Mainland China continues to be a powerhouse of Christian growth in the 21st century. Although the Chinese government is strictly atheist and party members are prohibited from practicing religion, there are officially 46 million Christians (both Protestant and Catholic) and unofficially 100 million Christians in the country. This represents between 3 to 7 per cent of the population, second only to Buddhists (18 per cent). The demand for Bibles increases each year.

According to Premier Li Keqiang, there are at least 600 million people living on a monthly income of 1000 yuan (USD$140) which is not enough to rent a room in a mid-sized city, acknowledging that China is a relatively poor country. Although some Chinese are growing wealthier, many, especially those who live in the rural areas, are still struggling financially as the country continues to see an ever widening wealth gap and income inequality. The majority of the Christian population live in rural areas, and many of them need help to own a copy of their own Bible.

Chinese Christians need to hear and know the word of God. They acknowledge that the Bible is the basis of faith and the means to draw wisdom for their daily life. In the face of increasing threats from false teaching and heresies, the need is pressing for their faith to be firmly founded and strengthened by the Bible.

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