China: Bibles for Millions


Bible Society Australia is supporting the United Bible Society’s China Partnership (CP) in this project, which distributes subsidised and free Bibles, ensuring that as many Chinese Christians as possible can have their own Bible.

There is a great demand for Bibles in China every year. Though there are officially 46 million Christians, unofficial estimates indicate there are 100 million Christians in the country.

An estimated 93% of China’s 1.4 billion (or 1.3 billion) population still does not know Christ and has no access to Bibles.

In China today, there are more than 5 million farmers who live on less than US$45 a month. Poverty refers mainly to the rural poor, and most of the Christian population live in rural areas.

Chinese Christians need to hear and know the word of God, yet do not have the means to own a Bible. In the face of false teaching and heresies, the need is pressing for their faith to be firmly grounded in and strengthened by the Bible.


  • There are 46 million Christians in China (unofficially 100 million)
  • 93% of China’s 1.4 billion population has yet to come to faith
  • 60% of Christians in China live in rural areas

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