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Now is the time to distribute Bibles throughout China.

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For the last three decades, Bible Society has been raising funds to provide Bibles to the exponentially growing church in China. Since the establishment of Amity Printing Company in 1987, 83 million Bibles have been printed for internal distribution in China. These Bibles have been distributed through local churches, an avenue that remains open to this day.

Yet, in the words of Sister Han, from Shandong Province, “There are still not enough Bibles!”

Please help us continue the production and distribution of Bibles in China while the door is open.

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Your support will supply Bible paper to the Amity Printing Company and significantly reduce the cost of printing. These subsidised Bibles are then sold or given away to those for whom the cost of a Bible would otherwise be a considerable financial burden.

Madam Zhu Yongnan, is one grateful recipient of such a Bible. She is a rural migrant worker who rents a basement room in the city of Nanjing. She has moved from her village in pursuit of a stable income and works 13 hour shifts to earn enough. Only three times a year she returns to her village to work the small plot of land belonging to her family and spend time with her son. Without funding from Bible Society, Madam Zhu Yongnan and millions like her, would not own their own copy of the Bible.

Your donation today will help us to make the most of this present opportunity and print more Bibles for the millions of Chinese people who need the Word for their faith and nurture.

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Paper for Chinese Bibles

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