Inspiring, challenging, equipping students to think deeply about the Christian faith in today’s world

Masterclass 2022

Bible Society's Masterclass events are for students in school years 9-12 to explore contemporary issues from a biblical perspective. Masterclass also includes a popular Q&A session, giving students the freedom to ask our panel of speakers searching questions about the Christian faith.

Students are frequently challenged to give a reason for the hope they have in Jesus. Masterclass helps young Christians to grow in their confidence and withstand the pressures of living in a post-Christian society.

2022 Dates


Postponed due to COVID-19.


26 July, Melbourne, 10am - 2pm (Yr 9-11)


2 August, Sydney, 10am - 2pm (Yr 9-11)


4 August, Perth, 10am - 2pm (Yr 9-11)

Frequently Asked Questions

When will more information be released?

As each states Masterclass draws closer, more information will be released on this website. So save the date and click on your states button for more details. 

Who is Masterclass for?

Masterclass is for students in school years 9-12. We welcome students from private, public, catholic or home schools and the content of the day is pitched accordingly. High school students outside of the given range are permitted to attend at the discretion of their teacher/parent.

Is this event only for Christians?

This event is aimed at Christian students. Teachers may choose to bring other students who are keen to be part of a day of Christian teaching.

What if we need to leave early?

We strongly encourage all groups to plan to stay for the entire day. The final session of Masterclass is a Q&A with the speakers and our feedback indicates that this is a particularly valuable time. In saying that, we do understand that some schools need to be back in time for busses, etc.

Can I come if I am not a student or a teacher?

For child protection reasons, Masterclass is not open to the public. If you are involved in a schools-based ministry and would like to attend, please contact Gayle Baikie – [email protected]