Will you help share the hope and understanding found
in God’s word for all Australians?

You are welcome to listen to 'The Institution of the Lord's Supper' from Mark 14:22-24,
narrated in the Australian Kriol language.
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Deep in the heart of our nation,
there is a growing need for the hope found in God’s word

"For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope." Romans 15:4 (NIV)

Through your giving, you can help Open God's word to people in Australia of all backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, and languages.

*Hover over the Kriol version of Mark 14:22-24
to reveal the English translation.


Afta na wen deibin dagadagat sapa, Jisas bin gajim det daga, en imbin gibit theingks langa God, en afta imbin breigim det daga, en imbin gibit det daga langa im wekinmenmob, en imbin tok, “Yumob dagat dijan daga, dumaji dijan daga main bodi.” Afta na imbin gajim det kap garram wain, en imbin gibit theingks langa God, en imbin gibit det wain langa im wekinmen olabat, en deibin dringgim det wain, en Jisas bin tok, “Dijan wain yumob dringgim im main blad. Ai garra spilim main blad blanga ebribodi blanga opinimap det nyubalawei blanga God.

Mak 14:22-24
Kriol Baibul (rop)

(Australian Creole - Kriol)

Your donation today will aid in training Bible translators to produce Bibles in Australian Indigenous languages, support the Auslan Bible Translation project, and finance Bible Society Australia’s Scripture Grants program, equipping parachurches, chaplains, schools, and more with Bible resources.

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Could support the publication of more Bible portions in Australian Indigenous languages.

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Could help train local Bible translators through a Certificate of Bible Translation at Nungalinya Theological College in Darwin.

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Could help produce audio Scriptures in Australian Indigenous languages – an invaluable resource for people with low vision or limited literacy skills.

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