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Literacy for the underprivileged

Gift the skill of literacy across Bangladesh

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Being able to read and write is a major challenge in Bangladesh. Of the 165 million people in the densely populated nation next to India, 65 per cent are semi-literate at best. If you are a woman living in a rural area, your chances of being literate plummet. The ripple effects of no formal education are long-lasting, affecting everything from supporting children well, to work and social opportunities.

With your help, Bangladesh Bible Society wants to provide reading and writing skills this year to at least 1000 women through 50 rural churches. Through literacy classes women will be able to read, write about and interact with the word of God, greatly influencing their lives and those around them.

Will you help women in Bangladesh receive the life-changing love, freedom and redemption that come from reading God’s word?

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Each literacy class organised by the Bangladesh Bible Society, consists of 20-25 Christian women who meet for one hour a day, five days a week. Classes are run by facilitators from local churches and aim to instruct women in literacy skills so they can read the Bengali Common Language Bible along with newspapers and other materials.

Making the decision to follow Jesus in Bangladesh can lead to physical, emotional and psychological danger. But as one of the program’s participants reveals, being able to read God’s word in her own language revealed the light of Jesus that could not be ignored.

“Before attending this class I could not read any book,” shares Mina, who attends the Reformed Presbyterian Church in the northern region of Dinajpur. “I desired to read and write but I did not have any opportunity to do so. I did not even know Bible stories. “I was so curious to know about Jesus Christ, and my desire has been fulfilled after attending this literacy class. I personally came to know Jesus from stories given in the literacy books and CDs.”

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This is a tax deductable appeal

Literacy for the underprivileged

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