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  1. Now more than ever, the world needs a message of hope. You know that in the storms of life, the Bible is our anchor. But millions of people don’t yet have God’s word.
  2. Opening The Bible to all people, everywhere, is a big goal. With God, nothing is impossible – but it is up to people like you and me, who love Scripture, to make it happen.

Make a tax-deductible General Donation to Bible Society Australia to enable us to support the projects which are most in need. Your donation will fund projects such as International Bible-based Literacy programs, Australian Indigenous projects, distribution of Bibles for Public School Scripture and the Australian Defence Force, as well as the AUSLAN Bible project.

Did you know that non-tax deductible donations give Bible Society the greatest flexibility in how funds are used?

Non-tax deductible gifts can go on to fund projects like International Bible Distribution, Trauma Healing and Advocacy work, as well as Australian School and Hospital chaplains.

You can make a non-tax deductible gift here.

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