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An Encyclopedia Bible that seeks to ignite students with a passion to understand and engage with God’s word.

The new Catholic Encyclopedia Bible will engage students with sacred scripture and support religious education curricula in schools across Australia.

The Encyclopedia is written specifically for Catholic students in years 5-10 with an average reading age of 12 years. This reading level makes the encyclopedia also accessible to other low-literacy groups including those for whom English is not their primary language.

The Contemporary English Version (CEV), currently the official translation used in all Australian Catholic masses for Children, has been selected as the best version for the Encyclopedia and this selection has been endorsed by the Archbishop.

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Is there a postage cost?

There is a flat postage and handling fee of $15.00 per order.

Can I order more than 500 units (50 boxes)

For orders of 500 copies or more, please contact us.

All orders and enquiries to [email protected]

What is the ISBN?

The ISBN is 9780647530665

Can I purchase a single copy?

Single copy purchase will only be available from 1 September through

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