To all people. By all means possible.

Doing what it takes to Open The Bible

… in virus-affected times threatening the survival of 60 Bible Societies.

… in response to ever-changing media. And societies that dispute the relevance of the Bible.

… in places hard to access, or where poverty makes a Bible almost a dream.

… in communities where no translations exist… or where translations need today’s language.
And where impaired hearing and vision require altogether different forms of Scripture.

… where prison bars detain, but where God’s word brings liberty of spirit.

… where barriers to knowledge are removed through literacy and biblical insight.

… where oppression rears its ugly head, but where believers press on, sharing God’s word.

This is the partnership we share with you and with everyone who will come alongside. And help us Open The Bible, to all people everywhere by all means possible.

Please read more below, or go direct to where you too can do all that’s possible to share God’s word.

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