Testimony from Mozambique

A mission update from 'Literacy for Life' project

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Meet Guilhermina

Mozambique is considered to be one of the world’s poorest nations with more than 50% of the population living below the poverty line. BSA’s Bible based literacy development project, run by Mission Educate, is teaching people who have little access to education to read the Bible and provide basic literacy, numeracy and life skills.”

“I am Guilhermina. I am married, 52 years old and a mother of 7.

I am a student of a class in Maratane. I want to thank God for the life that He gives me daily.

If someone is a non-literate, they have so many restrictions and feel less important in life.

I am a practical example of someone who suffered barriers and low esteem and lost many job opportunities because I don’t know how to read and write. I cried a lot because of this and fasted and prayed to God for him to give me an opportunity to learn, despite my age.

I did not go to school because my family was so poor and I got into an early marriage. My dream has always been to learn to read and write so that I can do some small business to help my family.

I have always shared my feelings with my Pastor and he always said “Daughter, wait and have

faith and God will provide”. Today is the fulfillment of the prophecy my Pastor said. God, through Mission Educate and Bible Society Australia, has offered us the opportunity to learn here in Maratane, Nampula Province.

I am so happy to receive this project in our church so that our community can learn and successfully fulfill their dreams. As students, we were so happy to receive learning material for free to facilitate our learning. I had a dream and now it’s coming to pass.

Thank you so much. May God bless Mission Educate and Bible Society Australia so that you continue doing all you can to provide education to many like me”.

In 2022, this literacy project will continue to offer reading and writing skills to people like Guilhermina, helping to fulfil the plans God has for their lives. All participants are presented with their own Bible at the completion of the first module.

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