Storytime at Koorong

Charlie Monkey has saved you a seat online!

Hop on for stories

Charlie Monkey misses Koorong’s live reading sessions and being in a store with his friends. Until horrid COVID goes away, his friends watch online as Petronella reads to them in Storytime at Koorong.

Each week Petronella reads a new children’s book, sharing God’s word and simple truths through the story. She makes it easy to understand, and Charlie is all ears as she flips the pages. He’s learning more and more about God through these children’s books. (They’re good for monkeys, too).

Parents tell Koorong they find it special when they read the books with their children. They love God and so they want to share that love with their young ones, and the books help them do that. Charlie secretly thinks they like the books themselves!

New video every Monday

There’s a new storytime video every Monday at 4pm (AEDT), and Charlie tells all his friends to join him. He loves it so much that he often watches the video over and over again on YouTube and Facebook. You can too!

Right now the Christmas readings are on, and Charlie loves hearing about ‘peace on earth’. He knows that horrid COVID has made many, many people sad this year, and he prays that Jesus will fill them with peace and make them strong again. There are two more Christmas videos this year, and then Storytime will be back again in February with a new series. Charlie can hardly wait!

Charlie Monkey says there are also heaps of other books and resources for kids and young people at and at Koorong stores. He gets excited when he sees it all, so if you are in a Koorong store and hear a little monkey chattering quite loudly, it’ll be Charlie!

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