Stories from the streets of Syria

Join us in praying for our brothers and sisters rocked by war and earthquake.

The people of Syria have endured more hardship in recent years than many of us face in a lifetime.

Most Syrians live with some form of trauma. After surviving more than a decade of war, the country endured an earthquake on 6 February that destroyed many lives.

So Bible Society Syria has focused their energy on delivering trauma healing programs to bring back hope and light.

George’s story

George is the General Secretary of Bible Society Syria. He shared this story with us at Christmas.

“During this year in particular we have experienced how Jesus has walked our streets. There have been so many tears… They tell you something hearts cannot express…

For a year we had felt that the war was over. Then, on a stormy night, our houses shook and we ran into the streets to avoid getting buried under our buildings.

Then we heard rumours that a bigger earthquake was coming our way. We all waited with so much fear…”

“Our only consolation was to go deeper into the Word of God.”

“During the brutal war and siege our Heavenly Father had protected us in so many wonderful ways. So we knew who we could turn to when the ground shook.

All of us survived the earthquake on 6 February. This is what we did the day after. First we thanked Jesus for having kept us and our loved ones. Then we shared the Good News with the thousands of people living in shelters. And within a week we had started up Trauma Healing Training Seminars all over Syria.

…So many traumatised people came to find help. We have been helping them ever since… Within 2 months we were able to go ahead with our Easter Distribution for 2023…We praise God for all our volunteers who helped us make this huge effort possible.

Our goal has always been the same: Bring Jesus to the hands of children, teenagers and adults, praying that He will speak to their hearts.

We continue our Bible Days and Bible conferences. It’s amazing to see how our speakers open up Scripture in such a way that people fall in love with the Word of God. We work hard to see God raise up Bible-teachers through this time of sowing.

We continue to ask you to pray for us.”


Salma’s story

Salma is one of those Syrians who found peace through Bible Society Syria’s trauma programs.

Soon after the war started, Salma’s husband fell ill. With her husband unable to work, the burden of providing for their two children fell to Salma.

She worked all day and took care of her family at night. She gave everything to help those around her. But she forgot about herself.

The weight of responsibility took its toll on Salma. One day she passed a mirror and didn’t recognise the woman she saw there.

“Who is this strange woman?” thought Salma. “It can’t be me.”

The light inside her was gradually fading away – to the point that she was unable to recognise herself anymore.

When the earthquake hit on 6 February, Salma found herself directly confronting death. She doesn’t know how she and her family escaped.

“Where are you?” was the prayer that crossed her mind that day. “After all I’ve been through – the sacrifices, the fatigue, the misery – why the earthquake, God?”

Something broke in Salma that day. With her children now older, she started avoiding responsibility at home and going out more and more. But as much as she tried to run from God, Salma knew something wasn’t right.

No matter how much a person tries to deviate from their faith and convictions, God is always there. The confusion can be seen on their face. It’s clear from their features and gestures that how they’re acting is not who they really are.

It took a lot of courage from Salma to finally seek help from psychologists. These specialists played a major role in healing her trauma. It’s how Salma made her relationships harmonious – with herself, her husband, her children, her environment and, most importantly, with God.

The turmoil Salma experienced – which accumulated over many years – can be observed in all Syrians. The state of denial and anger against God, frustration and loss of hope dominate many. And it is not limited to a specific segment. The team of Bible Society Syria sees it every day in the faces of school students, college students, parents, and even the elderly.

All Syrians are Salma in one way or another. Some of us have been fortunate to have the professionals around them – and the support of Bible Society’s trauma healing programs. Others are still overwhelmed with grief.
That’s why we’re asking you to keep praying for this essential work.

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