Hike, bike, bake or BBQ for Bibles

What will you do to help others Open The Bible?

God is at work through us 

“There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work.” 1 Cor 12:4-6

Isn’t it wonderful that we each have a gift? Whether it’s to sing or sew, turn a business around or flip a pancake, God gives us talents to glorify him and to help others.

Bible Society supporters work with what they have to provide God’s word and help people engage with it. Rising early or staying up late, working solo or in a group, they raise funds in myriad ways to Open The Bible at home and abroad. Some distribute Sower  or appeal materials; some cook or hold a garage sale; those with strong legs walk or ride to raise funds, while others serve as support crew.

Hike For Bibles now in its 21st year

Come September, another group in the long-running Hike For Bibles will be walking the famed Bibbulmun Track. Each year, those who love the outdoors cover a different section of the 1,002km track in Western Australia. Hike For Bibles has raised $116,000 over 21 years. This year they are raising funds to equip chaplains in hospitals, prisons, the ADF and emergency services with much-needed Bible resources. It’s not too late to book yourself a spot on the team, or to sponsor their effort and Open quite a few Bibles.

Bike For Bibles has raised over $13 million

While hiking teams have been fundraising for two decades, the biking teams have hit the road for more than four. Together they have raised more than $13 million dollars. People of all ages and personal circumstances have joined Bike For Bibles (BFB) rides –  someone with multiple sclerosis and someone recovering from leg surgery, those in their seventies and one as young as five, some who love the speed and some who prefer to drive the food truck.

Recently a BFB team rode 800kms in NSW over six days, raising funds for a Pakistan literacy project. Keeping the purpose in mind helped Andrew Ricker weather everything – literally. “There was one day in particular when it bucketed down with rain, and there was a crosswind, and we still had 30km to our destination. All I could think of during that 30km was how excited those young women in Pakistan would be when they received a Bible in their own language and learnt to read God’s word for the first time.” Fellow cyclist Sita Martin says she came away with a greater understanding of God’s presence in her life in all circumstances. “It’s amazing what you can do day after day when you think you are physically and emotionally spent. I’m sure I was able to do what I did in God’s strength.”


Bible Society has different ways you can get involved or you could organise something of your own while staying COVID-safe. Even a lockdown is a perfect time to polish old skills, plan ahead or start an online prayer group .

Right now we are raising funds to provide 200,000 Bible resources to help Open The Bible at Home. Our ministry partners in Australian hospitals, prisons, schools and remote Indigenous communities are overwhelmed with requests for the Bible. But you can be the person standing – or walking, biking, sewing or painting – to fill the gap.

So bake that cake, sizzle those snags or be the car wash wizard on your street. Then donate online or call 1300 242 537 to pass on the fruit of your labour. There’s no telling how many lives you can impact with a just few slices of your cherry cream cake.


Photo by Nadya Spetnitskaya on Unsplash 

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