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needs the chance to build a personal relationship with God.

But right here in Australia thousands of people, young and old, are still unable to access His word.

There are many reasons why our neighbours in Australia can’t access the Bible... Lack of awareness, lack of desire or opportunity, poverty, poor literacy or they don't even have a Bible in their language

Shockingly, of the approximately 100+ Indigenous languages spoken in Australia today, Kriol, has a full Bible.

Today, you can help share the joy, comfort and guidance of Scripture by Opening The Bible to all here at home.

You can help provide 200,000 Bible resources this year for the work in Australia


Bible resources to support chaplains and Christian ministries


pieces of Scripture for Indigenous communities and ministry partners


Bibles and pieces of Scripture for religious education in public schools

My name is Muna Kulyuru and I’m from Amata, and I now have this Bible in our language in which are many good stories and all the things Jesus said are in it, for us to read and understand God’s Word and to teach our children and grandchildren.

- Muna Kulyuru