Help for Syria,
a nation in conflict

Trauma brings a hollowness only God can fill

What ’empty’ is really like

Remember those empty supermarket shelves in the early days of lockdown? We wondered how we’d cope without bread, pasta or canned food, but fortunately for us those shelves were restocked within hours. It’s a far cry however for Syrians bearing the brunt of a 10-year civil war. Shelves remain empty as the nation faces an economic crisis, and parents struggle to put food on the table. 12 million people are in dire need of help. The staff of Bible Society Syria give us an understanding of what that’s like:

Trauma program offers help for Syrians

The nation’s conflict-affected people need mental and spiritual support almost as much as they need food on the table. Bible Society Syria works with churches to help people overcome trauma. Through a critical trauma healing program they share God’s life-giving word, offering hope and a way forward. Trained volunteers minister to the hurting, and those who’ve become mute through shock learn to speak again.

Asking for help and prayer

Today there are many trauma healing classes up and running but more are needed as instability in the region continues. Your prayer and support can bring hope and rebuild lives in a shattered land. When asked what Christians here in Australia can do, the Director of Bible Society Syria responded, “You can pray. Pray, Pray, Pray!” Here are some specific areas to raise up in prayer:

Your support can help Syrians know that the God who loves them is in control, no matter their situation. Over a million Christians have fled to neighbouring countries in the last 10 years. But there is a remnant church doing all it can to remain strong and serve the hurting. Will you stand in solidarity with them by helping to provide trauma healing, and fill empty hearts with hope?

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