“Having this Bible in my hands is such a big blessing”: children around the world receive the word of God

As the United Bible Societies release their 2022 Bible distribution figures, it is clear that the Bible Societies in Kenya, Vietnam, and Nicaragua demonstrated their commitment to sharing the word of God and making a positive impact in the lives of children and families. 


In 2022, the Bible Society of Kenya made a powerful impact, touching the lives of over 7,500 young ones by providing them with their very own Bible. The distribution took place across 54 schools, scattered throughout seven counties. Most children came from low-income families where guardians barely afford 1$ per day. 

“Having this Bible in my hands is such a big blessing. I have never owned one and this will be a great tool for me as l study, especially Christian Religious Education (C.R.E.) here in school,” said Felicia Nanjala, Grade 6, Heshima Primary School. 

Robert Mwaniki, C.R.E. Teacher, at Murunyu Secondary School, shared his appreciation: “Students have been lacking Bibles in this school because parents are not economically stable, so students have been sharing Bibles. We thank Bible Society Kenya for these gifts recommended by the Kenya Institute of Education. Christian Religious Education has been made easier!” 


In Asia, the Bible Society in Vietnam generously distributed a total of 3,750 Bibles to children and youth between the ages of 11 and 18 who reside in remote areas or face personal financial constraints. Among these, 1,875 Bibles were the Vietnamese version from 1925, while the remaining 1,875 were the Revised Vietnamese version. 

Despite growing up in Christian families, many of these young individuals lacked personal Bibles, hindering their personal devotion, study, and participation in church activities. By distributing these Bibles, the Bible Society in Vietnam aimed to meet their spiritual needs and support their engagement in faith-related activities. 


The Bible Society of Nicaragua aimed to provide support, care, and spiritual guidance to children and families attending the hospital, particularly those receiving cancer treatment. Through training sessions, Bible distributions, devotionals, and other activities, the program sought to bring comfort, hope, and faith to those facing difficult circumstances. 

As part of the program, 267 children and their accompanying parents received medical assistance and their parents were given a free Bible. Through this initiative, the children were encouraged to explore their faith by praying, reading the Bible, and sharing stories about characters of faith. 

To facilitate the delivery of devotionals and Bible studies to the children, parents, and medical personnel, thirty pastors and volunteers received free Bibles. As part of the outreach activities, a total of 10,777 children and parents attending the outpatient area received a free portion of the Bible. 


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