Finding healing and peace through biblical reconciliation

The latest update from the project underway in Rwanda

Watch or read the latest update from our partners on the ground in Rwanda:

The trauma of war and genocide has a lasting resonance on multiple generations even after the conflict has ended. That’s why the main objective of the Reconciliation project is for people still traumatized from the genocide to find healing and peace through biblical reconciliation.

It’s very difficult for people to forget what has happened, and we felt there is still a need for improved literacy, education and reconciliation. The significance of the literacy aspect is for people to be able to read the word of God. Through that reading, to make a decision to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior, and to live in peace and harmony.

We have achieved significant progress so far. Out of the ten schools that we aimed to reach in the first year, we have already reached nine. The plan is to organize workshops and seminars for teachers, parents and community leaders twice a year. We have completed the first seminar, a five day seminar, and the testimonies that we have received indicate that it’s a highly effective program.

It has enabled people to know that the perpetrators of the crime have repented, and those who have been victims are willing and prepared to forgive. In the seminar and the workshops, we have seen many people testifying, “I have killed my friend, so-and-so.” “But this reconciliation education now has made me aware that it was wrong. It was a sin. As a Christian, I also repent and have forgiveness.” And those who are victims also, they realize the true  Christian has to forgive, and the program is really essential for Rwanda to continue towards peace and in harmony with each other.

We want Rwanda to be a God-fearing country, and we pray the Reconciliation Program, and other activities will help Rwandans recognize God’s supremacy in their lives and that they need to respect and love one another, and that they need to live in harmony.

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