About Us

In 2010, the members of the state Bible Societies of Australia made a momentous decision to become one new organisation, Bible Society Australia.

The goal of Bible Society Australia is the same one that Bible Societies around the world have been pursuing for some 200 years: to translate, publish, distribute and engage people with the Bible.

In this video, we explain how the Bible Society is here to serve a great purpose – lightening hearts. Take a minute to watch it:

Bible Society Australia is founded on the belief that when the Bible speaks to people’s hearts and minds, the Spirit of God transforms their lives for their own good, the good of their communities and of society at large.

We want all people everywhere to encounter God and his Son Jesus Christ through the Bible, in a language in which they think and feel, in formats that enhance understanding, and without money being a barrier.

This encounter with the message of unconditional love in Jesus Christ lightens people’s hearts, and changes the way they live.

Bible Society Australia is thrilled to be part of such a transforming work of God.

We would be delighted if you would come with us on the journey to lighten people’s hearts with the message of unconditional love in Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Bible, and by doing so change people’s lives and make the world a better place.

Our Board

Pictured left to right: Bert Guy, David Carver, Ricahrd Grellman, John Hardy, Rick Streefland, Richard Halstead (not pictured Philip Whittaker)

Pictured left to right: David Carver, Richard Grellman, John Hardy, Rick Streefland, Richard Halstead (not pictured Melissa Lipsett & Sue Stott)


Mr Richard Grellman AM (Chair) Richard is a non-executive director of several public companies and a member of St Stephen’s Anglican Church in Willoughby, Sydney
Mr David Carver David is a chartered accountant in a public practice and a member of Church Council of Westbourne Park Uniting Church in Adelaide, SA.
Mr Richard Halstead Richard is a private businessman who attends Belmont Baptist Church in Belmont and Adamstown Community Church, Adamstown, NSW.
Mr Rick Streefland Rick has spent 25 years in small and medium business, and is a member of Freelife Church in Launceston, TAS.
Ms Melissa Lipsett Melissa is the Executive Pastor, Newlife Uniting Church in Robina, Gold Coast QLD. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Ministry. Formerly a Navy Officer, Melissa also holds a Bachelor of Applied Science from QUT and was a lecturer at Illawarra Institute of TAFE.
Mr John Hardy John has worked as a pastor for 20 years and a business coach for 10 years. He attends Southgate Church is Byford, WA.
Ms Sue Stott Sue is a Director and Co-Founder of an administration services organisation servicing not-for-profit organisations and small to medium enterprises. Also on the board of Word Investments Limited, Sue attends South Croydon Anglican Church in Melbourne.

Our management team

  Greg Clarke: CEO
Read a message from Greg here.
  Barry Morris: Chief Financial Officer.
  Geoff Warren: National Fundraising Manager.
  John Sandeman: Publishing and Digital Manager.
  Greg Page: Sales and Distribution Manager.
  Mark Owen: National Manager, Youth and Education.
  Chris Melville: National Manager, Campaigns and Programmes.





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