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Partner with us and help Open the Bible in your Church community.

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What impact will you have as a volunteer?

Open the bible

As a volunteer you'll be able to actively help those in your community and around the world Open The Bible through our many projects, products and events that assist in Bible distribution, translation, publication, engagement and advocacy.

Unite in Prayer

We know that we have a God who desires and listens to our prayers and they never go unanswered. Join us as we pray for the many needs that surround Bible Society's work here and abroad when you receive the monthly prayer letters.

Change lives

Whether you're promoting Bible Society in your church, helping to run an event or assisting us with administrative tasks or fundraising - know that every act helps change lives all over the world from China, to Africa, to right here in Australia.

How will we support you?

Education & Training

As you step out to volunteer, we will ensure you are fully equipped with everything you need to know in order to serve. Every volunteer is walked through our short induction and training process to enable them to know and promote the work of Bible Society and make a difference.

Volunteer Resources

Once you've been trained, we will provide you with the tools to be an effective volunteer. We'll equip you with both digital and physical resources to support you in your work as you endeavour to Open The Bible to those in your community.


As a volunteer you will be part of a community of staff and volunteers who are all dedicated to the same mission. Every volunteer is connected into a local branch based in your region and given access to our online volunteer portal.

Leigh and Helen

We have run and taken part in an annual Bike for Bibles event in Victoria for many years to raise awareness and funds for Bible mission work, and particularly Bible-based literacy classes. We have served in the church for many years and are passionate about people coming to know Christ; and remain passionate riders who want the Bike for Bibles event to grow as we believe it’s a mission worth riding for. 


I have been involved as a volunteer in Bible Society events in Geelong, western suburbs of Melbourne, and over Zoom. The work of Bible Society is so important. Having access to the Bible is a huge part of faith and I’m so grateful that I’ve always had access to such an amazing resource. I pray that in the years to come less reached people will have the same opportunity to hear about God’s love and discover for themselves the beauty of a relationship with him. God is simply amazing and together we have a responsibility to share him with our communities.

How do I apply?

1. Fill in the application form below
2. We'll process your application and await you pastoral reference
3. If your application is successful we'll assign you to a branch and provide you access to our Volunteer portal where you can access information, updates, resources and more! We'll also take you through some training to ensure you're equipped with everything you need.

Before you apply...

Please note that we will request a couple of things from you during the application form. We suggest you gather the following before you begin:

- The email address for your pastor/leader. We will need this so we can contact them to get a reference.
- A valid Working with Children Check number. The requirements for this differ by state. You can find more information here.

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