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Chatswood Concourse
409 Victoria AveNUE, Chatswood

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Senior Research Fellow, CPX

Salt and Light in a post-truth world
How can the 21st century Christian navigate the increasingly volatile marketplace of ideas? What does the Christian message have to offer hearts and minds in a world of such unprecedented diversity? This session will set out the beauty and fundamentals of the Gospel, by looking more closely at three foundational issues: the nature of technology, the nature of success, the nature of people.

Max is a speaker and writer for the Centre for Public Christianity (CPX). A former lawyer and political & policy adviser, Max was educated at the Australian National University and the University of Oxford and is undertaking a PhD in Law. He has spoken in businesses, universities and political institutions, including Samsung, Lego, Goldman Sachs and Amazon. He loves good movies, good wine and making his kids laugh.


Mark Stephens

Lecturer in New Testament, Sydney Missionary & Bible College (SMBC)

Going Public with Jesus: Living faithfully when you can’t control the result
When you live for Christ you are light in a dark world. Some will be attracted. Others might ghost you. Some may even attack you. You can’t guarantee how people will react. 1 Peter encourages us that Christians have been here before. Our job is to speak love, suffer with grace, and act in holiness. Living for Jesus is always worth it, even when you can't control the result.

Mark lectures in New Testament at Sydney Missionary and Bible College. He's been a pastor, an author, and a public speaker, but always with the same goal - to help people think about Jesus and live for Jesus. He's married to Linda, who is a children's pastor, and has three amazing teenage kids, all of whom are now smarter and stronger than him. He supports the Parramatta Eels, and contrary to all the evidence, still believes they can win the premiership this year.


justine toh

Senior Research Fellow, CPX

Achievement Addiction
Is winning or coming first a big deal to you? Maybe top grades are your thing, or sporting glory, or being popular. It’s easy to become obsessed with tracking and measuring our success. But the problem is that it becomes difficult to not base our identity on our accomplishments. What might life be like, and how would our sense of self-worth change, if we were no longer addicted to achievement?

Justine Toh is Senior Fellow at the Centre for Public Christianity (CPX) where she speaks and writes about the Christian faith in publications like The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, The Guardian, ABC Religion & Ethics, and The Canberra Times. She is also the author of the book Achievement Addiction, is presently writing a book about care, and has a PhD in Cultural Studies from Macquarie University in Sydney. Justine fumbles about in public via Instagram and appearances on ABC Radio and, yes, is a recovering achievement addict.

What is Masterclass?

Bible Society's Masterclass events are for students in school years 9-11* to explore contemporary issues from a biblical perspective. Masterclass also includes a popular Q&A session, giving students the freedom to ask our panel of speakers searching questions about the Christian faith. Students are frequently challenged to give a reason for the hope they have in Jesus. Masterclass helps young Christians to grow in their confidence and withstand the pressures of living in a post-Christian society. *Years 8 and 12 are also welcome to attend.

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