Grandparents Conference

Extreme poverty, the trauma of war, living as refugees in a foreign land, illiteracy, and even the illness of cancer — these are some of the hardships that children from different parts of the world are facing.

Bible Society supports various Bible projects for children in unfortunate circumstances, bringing them God’s word to sow seeds of faith in their young hearts.

Will you join this cause to edify the lives of God’s children with His word?

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Leaving a Legacy through God's Word

Annie Selman knows that it is not the size of the bequest, but the reason for giving, that is her motivation.

"When I think about all the people who cannot access Scripture, I love that my widow’s mite can help."

Annie remembers supporting Bible Society as a three-year-old, putting pennies into the bucket at Sunday School!

Annie’s gift has particular meaning, as it stems from a shared love, as she explains: "My late husband, Rex, and I were always united in our love for Bible Society. The gift in my Will is not just my legacy – it is his also."

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