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It can be sobering to start a new year with an awareness of the suffering and darkness that is the current reality for millions of people around the world.

From war, violence, displacement and natural disaster, the needs of the multitudes can seem overwhelming. Yet as Christians, we know their greatest need: God’s word. Your support can make it possible for people everywhere to connect with God's word, bringing love and hope to their lives, regardless of their circumstances.

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Giving to Where Needed Most enables us to move with the greatest flexibility

Bible Society Australia is committed to raising funds for over 70 projects worldwide in 2024. These projects include Australian and International initiatives that are locally led by Bible Societies and other partner organisations, all with the common goal — to champion the Bible for all people.


The Impact of a Tax-Deductible Gift vs a Non Tax-Deductible Gift

Making a ‘Tax-Deductible’ gift supports projects involving literacy learning, Bible translation in Auslan and Australian Indigenous Languages, and Australian Scripture Grants, offering Bibles to schools and chaplains. This gift also goes to emergency projects that support people in times of crisis and disasters, providing relief from suffering and distress.

A ‘Non Tax-Deductible' donation will support under-funded projects involving international Bible translation, Bible publishing and distribution, Bible engagement through evangelistic events, and fund Bible Societies in countries with limited support.

Bible Society Australia exists to impact and influence Australia and the World by Opening The Bible to all people everywhere by all means possible.

We make the Bible available in people’s languages by supporting Bible translation work across the world, including Indigenous languages and sign language (Auslan) in Australia.

We encourage the faith journeys of Australian communities and people groups around the world through Bible engagement campaigns, Bible-based literacy programs, and trauma healing programs.

We strengthen the capacity of Bible Societies around the world as they work to recommend, defend and champion the truth and goodness of the Bible in their cultures.

We support various Bible-distribution projects in many parts of the world, and in Australia we provide Scripture Grants for Bibles in schools, for chaplains of hospitals, prisons, the Australian Defence Force and more.

 How you can help


Could help distribute more Bibles to Kenyan children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds which will equip them towards Bible reading and lay a foundation for Biblical value within their families and communities.


Could support the Arab Israeli Bible Society in conducting more Trauma Healing workshops within churches for women and families in Galilee, which serves to empower families to draw closer to God whilst addressing life’s challenges.


Could contribute to acquiring IT support and consultancy checking, which will advance the Mongolian Standard Version translation in its next stage in New Testament Gospels and Acts translation, and overall provide Mongolian Christians a contemporary Bible in their natural language.

Will you prayerfully consider being a blessing to our brothers and sisters?
Your support can make a meaningful impact by helping distributing Bibles, conducting Trauma Healing workshops, and advancing Bible translations.