It's estimated that Australia was once home to over 300 distinct languages spoken by Indigenous communities; today, only a small fraction of these languages are still spoken, one of the world's highest rates of language extinction.


Since 1864, Bible Society Australia has published parts of the Bible into at least 53 Indigenous languages, however, only the Kriol Language has a complete Bible translation.


It's a heartbreaking reality, but you can take part in revitalising the heart languages of Indigenous Australians by empowering Indigenous Bible projects — bringing connection with God’s word while preserving cultures.

Support today the publication of several Bible-translation projects and Bible-engagement projects, including the production of audio Scriptures and training of Indigenous Bible translators.


“It is an awesome thing for the word of God to be in the heart language of the people because it is Jesus coming to become like an Aboriginal person, knowing the people, their feelings, the hurts, the pain, in their whole identity.”

— Maratja Dhamarrandji
Djambarrpuyngu Translator


Will you be part of this important work and help bring the Bible to more Indigenous communities seeking God’s word, revitalising their heart languages?

Could support the publication of more Bible portions in Australian Indigenous languages.
Could help train local Bible translators in Darwin, through a Certificate of Bible Translation at Nungalinya Theological College.
Could help produce audio Scriptures in Australian Indigenous languages. This would be invaluable for people with low vision or limited literacy skills.

Other ways you can be involved

Join our community of regular givers committed to letting the light of God’s word shine.

Help bring awareness and inspire your friends and family to take action and be involved.

Join us in prayer that communities in Australia would have access to God's word of life in their heart languages.

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