This Christmas, you can help Open The Bible to our neighbours

Empower Oceania's Access to God's Word

Christians in Oceania are desperate for more Bibles in churches, homes, remote areas and its translation in many heart languages. Will you help bridge the resource gap for mission workers and translators dedicated to meet the region's need for God's word?

Making a Difference in PNG and South Pacific

We invite you to learn about the Bible Society in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific and their much needed support to continue the Bible mission work in this region.

You can help empower our mission partners in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific in spreading the gospel, translating the Bible into heart languages, and distributing much needed Bibles.
In my observations over the years, an actual Bible is very valuable. They are expensive in PNG, and they can only get them from the town, Wewak. Most of the men and women are illiterate and cannot read or write so having the audio Bible helps them have access to the word, in their language. I’m excited to see the impact of having an audio Bible in every household.

— Sara David,
Living Child CEO, MegaVoice partner in PNG
Your giving this Christmas can expand Bible mission work and Illuminate God's word across Oceania
Could support church leaders in Tonga as they unite to work on the new Tongan Bible translation that they pray will help transform their communities.
Could help to literally keep the lights on for Bible translators in Papua New Guinea by ensuring reliable electricity supply through solar power or generators.
EVERY $130
Could grow Bible Society teams across 17 nations in Oceania with technical support, greater skills and practical resources to reach more than 2.8 million people with the Gospel.
Will you prayerfully consider being a blessing to Oceania, where Christians are wholeheartedly dedicated to spreading God's word?

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Other ways you can be involved

Join our community of regular givers committed to letting the light of God’s word shine.

Help bring awareness and inspire your friends and family to take action and be involved.

Join us in prayer for our Oceania neighbours, so that the light of God's Word may illuminate their lives.

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