Where it's needed and necessary


Where it's needed and necessary



Across Asia hundreds of people gather, seeking solace and guidance through messages from the Bible. However, the lack of adequate resources, literacy training, and support leaves many unable attain a deeper understanding and connection with God’s word.

58% literacy rate in Pakistan (2019 World Bank data)

46 million Christians (unofficially 100 million) in China, of which approx. 60% live in rural areas 72% female literacy rate in Bangladesh (2020 World Bank data).

72% female literacy rate in Bangladesh (2020 World Bank data)

Your donation can bridge this gap, providing, translation resources, literacy training, and support to equip individuals to engage with Scripture, and experience the transformative power of God's word in their lives..

Literacy Skills for Underprivileged Women (Tax-Deductible)

The Bangladesh Bible Society is reaching non-literate women with the word of God through a literacy course in the rural areas of Bangladesh, giving them the opportunity to read and write, as well as listen and interact with the Bible. In turn, the skills they learn enable the women to teach their children, impacting their families and their church communities.

Pre-Primary Literacy for Rural Children (Tax-Deductible)

The Bangladesh Bible Society is seeking to reach preschool-aged children with the word of God through a literacy course in the rural and remote areas of Bangladesh. This literacy class will help them learn basic literacy skills, beginning at four years old, in their villages. Students will learn to read, recite and write in Bengali, preparing them for formal schooling.

Vietnamese Study Bible (Non-Tax-Deductible)

Bible Society Vietnam is translating the Old Testament and related content to complete a Vietnamese Study Bible, an easy-to-use resource for Vietnamese Christians to deepen their engagement with the Bible and grow in their faith. The goal is to finish the content related to the Old Testament in 2024 and publish the Study Bible in mid-2025.

Bible Engagement for the Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam

Bible Society Australia is partnering with Bible Society Vietnam (BSV) to engage ethnic minority groups in Vietnam with the Bible, newly translated into their languages.

First Old Testament (Non-Tax-Deductible)

This project will translate the Old Testament for a Vietnamese ethnic minority to join the recently translated New Testament and complete the first full Bible for this marginalised community.

Literacy for Sri Lankan Children and Youth (Tax-Deductible)

Each year, the Ceylon Bible Society aims to run literacy classes through the network of churches and Christian organisations in Sri Lanka, especially in rural, slum and undeveloped areas. These classes offer reading, listening and writing skills to non-literate youth and children in Sri Lanka so they can contribute to the development of their communities as well as increase their ability to learn and understand Scriptures.

Gospel Parables in Sri Lankan Sign Language

The Ceylon Bible Society (CBS) is translating the Gospel Parables of Jesus into Sign Language for the Christian deaf community in Sri Lanka, partnering with Christian Churches and other organisations in the country. This project aims to make key biblical narratives accessible to the deaf community in Sri Lanka by creating gospel selections in Sri Lankan Sign Language in video format.

Literacy Capacity in the Asia Pacific Region (Tax-Deductible)

This capacity building project for Bible Society literacy workers will impact about 30 literacy staff of Bible Societies in the Asia Pacific, thereby benefiting their literacy projects and thousands of learners in the coming years.

Asia Pacific Literacy Advisor (Tax-Deductible)

This project aims to strengthen Bible Societies in the Asia Pacific for literacy work by funding a United Bible Societies (UBS) Literacy Advisor. The advisor collaborates globally to establish a literacy framework, guide project prioritisation, ensure quality, and assist Bible Societies in planning and implementing literacy programs in their countries.

Affordable Bibles for Millions in China (Non-Tax-Deductible)

Bible Society Australia is supporting the United Bible Society’s China Partnership (CP) in this project, which distributes subsidised and free Bibles, ensuring that as many Chinese Christians as possible can have their own Bible. In 2024, the project plans to distribute 70,000 free Bibles (including large print editions) and provide Bible paper to print 1,250,000 copies of affordable Bibles through their partnership with the National CCC/TSPM and Chinese Catholic Church.

Beacon in the Darkness (Tax-Deductible)

Pakistan Bible Society (PBS) established this literacy program in 2014 and have been providing Bible-based literacy classes for non-literate Pakistani women since then. Bible Society believes that if a woman is taught to read and write, she becomes a 'beacon of light' to her community, with the word of God.

Your donation can bridge this gap, providing, translation resources, literacy training, and support to equip individuals to engage with Scripture, and experience the transformative power of God's word in their lives.

Will you prayerfully consider donating today to help make the Bible more accessible for the underprivileged, the non-literate, ethnic minorities, and deaf communities in parts of Asia?


could help develop Bible translations like the new Vietnamese Study Bible, giving millions an opportunity to discover the Bible for themselves, in their own heart languages.


could help women in Bangladesh gain access to literacy education, giving them the skills to better provide for their families and new opportunities to grow spiritually in Christ

EVERY $130

could help produce resources in Sri Lankan sign language and conduct classes in Sinhala and Tamil to reach more people, enhancing literacy and spiritual understanding.


Would you give a gift to Bible projects most in need of support? Bible Society Australia is committed to raising funds for over 70 projects worldwide in 2024. These projects include Australian and International initiatives that are locally led by Bible Societies and other partner organisations, all with the common goal — to champion the Bible for all people.


Let's unite in prayer for greater Bible access in Asian regions and remote communities.

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