Youth Alive Update

Bible Society Australia partners with Youth Alive Victoria

‘New Beginnings’ at Youth Alive 

“The altar was opened up, and it was jammed. We saw scores of young people responding to the Gospel. We saw close to 1,000 young people give their life to Christ… Our team was able to give Bibles out to young people in that moment, and that is going to change their lives, as they get the Word into them.” Dave Edgar, who leads Youth Alive in Victoria

Bible Society Australia is privileged to partner with Youth Alive in Victoria, supplying our New Beginnings Bible, ready to be given to those responding to the Gospel at events all over the state. On August 13, Youth Alive saw an amazing response at their Main Event, a state rally held in the Victoria Festival Hall in Melbourne. “We saw thousands upon thousands of young people descend on Melbourne from right across the state,” says Dave Edgar. “We had schools tour during the week, more than 40 schools, and then on the Saturday night the Gospel was preached with great sharpness, great clarity, and with great conviction.” 

Around 1,000 teens responded to the message of the Gospel, coming forward to be given Bibles.

800 were given out on the night – 600 supplied by BSA supplemented with an extra 200 from the host church helping with the night. “The response was much bigger than expected,” says Dave with a laugh, “Praise Jesus!” 

The Bibles were crucial to the event, as Dave reflects, “It really was a special moment, as we could put Bibles in the hands of new young people who have given their life to God, many of them for the first time.” 

Dave goes on to express his gratitude to Bible Society Australia, especially the supporters. “I want to say a massive thank you to everyone involved at Bible Society for really helping play a pivotal part.” 

Earlier this year at regional events, Youth Alive teams saw 1,256 teens respond to the Gospel and handed out 1,000 Bibles across those events. 

“You know what? As an organisation, in that moment, BSA helped provide Bibles to young people who didn’t have them.” Dave Edgar 

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