Would your youth ‘Read this’ Bible?

New Bible for Australian young people unlocks the power of God’s word  

Navigating the tumultuous journey of adolescence is no easy feat.  

Young people today face more pressures than ever. With negative social media, mental health concerns, and identity challenges rife, finding the focus to read the Bible is a challenge.  

The Bible is transformative. If you can Open The Bible with someone, you are opening them to Jesus. And as Christians we know that Jesus is the hope of the world.  

But in the ever-evolving landscape of youth ministry, equipping young hearts and minds with the timeless wisdom of scripture is paramount.  That’s why we’re partnering with Youth Alive to invite the youth of Australia to ‘Read this’. 

Introducing the new ‘Read this’ Bible 

The ‘Read This’ NLT Bible has been created especially for Australian young people and a culmination of years of hard work. The accompanying resources have been written by trusted men and women of God – experienced theologians and youth ministers across the country. 

Crafted with precision and care, ‘Read This’ is not just a book. It’s a beacon of hope designed to resonate with teenagers. 

Created with these young believers in mind, the ‘Read this’ Bible is: 

  • Engaging 
  • Easy to read 
  • Beautiful and thoughtfully designed.  









We caught up with a State Director for Youth Alive Australia, Pastor Dave Edgar to talk about his hopes and prayers for ‘Read this’. Pastor Dave and his wife Ailen have been leading Youth Alive Vic since 2016. 

Chatting with Dave Edgar:

Q: How is this Bible different from other bibles young believers might be reading?  

I’m so excited we can put this Bible into the hands of thousands of teens around Australia.  

All accompanying resources – the cover, translation, typeface, even the explainer content at the start – was curated with Australian teenagers in mind.  

In fact, everything except the biblical text itself was shaped with input from Aussie youth voices.  

Finally something by the youth, for the youth. 

Q: Why do you love working with young people?

Youth Ministry is at the coalface of future proofing the Church.

Barna research notes that 94% of people make a decision to follow Christ before the age of 18.  

What a great opportunity we have to help reach them when they are at the prime age to choose Jesus. 

Q: How do you hope ‘Read this’ will make a difference in the world? 

The overarching question we kept bringing it back to is this. “How will this point a teenager to Christ?” And ultimately our hope is just that! 

I hope that, when a teenager is in their room or on the bus, they’ll see the giant words on the cover: ‘Read this’. Perhaps in a moment of struggle or trial they actually will read it. And it will bring God’s wisdom, peace and strength into their situation.  

Let’s get a generation on fire for his word again! 

(Watch Dave unbox these Bibles for the first time!)

Equipping young believers for a life of purpose 

When they ‘Read this’ NLT translation, young believers will gain: 

  • An introduction or new insights to Jesus as the hope of the world  
  • Study guides to help them to interact with God’s word 
  • A glossary of hard-to-understand words explained in jargon-free language 
  • A basic overview of key areas of Christian belief to help new believers confidently integrate into church life. 

All this, beautifully bound in 4 different colours with metallic or gloss embossing — ready to be shown off and proudly shared. 

Order your ‘Read this’ Bibles 

The ‘Read this’ Bible is a beautiful and powerful tool for young believers. Purchase individual copies in-store at Koorong or order a box of 20 Bibles online today and save. 

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