What’s the legacy you hope to leave?

Writing a Will provides an opportunity to reflect on what matters most in life.

Bible Society Australia has quite the legacy. We got our start way back in 1817 – a month before Westpac opened its doors.

This makes us the longest continuously operating organisation in Australia’s history.

Back then, people understood that God was more important than money. And that’s still true today.


Our supporters still understand the meaning of legacy

Annie Selman remembers supporting Bible Society as a 3-year-old, putting pennies into the bucket at Sunday School. It’s a legacy that’s stayed with her – and one she will leave in her Will.

It’s also a legacy she shares with her late husband, Rex. Annie’s decision to leave a gift to Bible Society Australia stems from their shared love.

“Rex and I were always united in our love for Bible Society,” Annie reflects. “The gift I’m leaving in my Will is not just my legacy – it’s also his.”

“When I think about all the people who cannot access Scripture, I love that my widow’s mite can help.”

Consider your legacy when you create your Will

Many Bible Society Australia supporters use the opportunity of making or updating their Will to consider the legacy they want to leave.

Writing your Will is a chance to consider what really matters.

It gives you a moment of pause to think about the people you care about and how you want to be remembered.

Who are the people you hope to bless after you’re gone? Both those you know, and those you’ll never get to meet in this life?

A Will is a chance to share the life-affirming restoration we see in Scripture with others. Both our own loved ones and the rest of the world.


Get your free Will with Safewill

Thanks to our new partnership with Safewill, you can create a free Will this March.

We’d love you to consider leaving a bequest to Bible Society Australia in your Will. But you don’t need to leave us a gift to claim your free Safewill Will.

Safewill Wills are:

  1. Backed by Lawyers – Your free Will will be reviewed by Safewill’s affiliate law firm, Safewill Legal, to ensure it has been filled out correctly.
  2. Totally online – Safewill’s user-friendly platform allows you to easily create your Will in your own time, from the comfort of your home.
  3. Safe and secure – Your personal data is protected at all times using best-in-class privacy practices.
  4. Free for Bible Society supporters – Write your Will with Safewill, and check out between the 18th and 31st of March 2024 to get your Will for free.

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The legacy you leave with Bible Society Australia

Supporters who name Bible Society in their Will know they’re putting the Bible into the hands and hearts of a new generation.

These gifts create a lasting legacy that will help us Open The Bible to all people everywhere, by all means possible.


Get your free Will between 18 and 31 March 2024

Write a free will today, for new generations to Open The Bible – and leave a legacy that lasts.

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