Soar Above the Storm

A 40 day devotional book by apologist and scientist, Nick Hawkes

Soar Above the Storm, a 40 day devotional book by apologist and scientist, Nick Hawkes, began its life as a Daily Bible series sent to Bible Society subscribers as well as featuring on our website.

Nick’s raw, honest and often joyous reflections spoke to so many people. People living their own cancer journey like Nick. But many others as well. His love for Jesus leapt out at the reader. His willingness to name both the uncertainty of dying and the certainty of God’s love gave other people permission to find their own words for the storms in their lives. Hear from Nick below on why he wanted to write and share this book with us.

This little book has been written for all of us. Yes, there are days…many…. when we are buffeted by the pain and hardship of living, but Nick reminds us that, with God’s love, we can find our way through that storm; and as we surrender fully to God’s plan for our lives, we too can ‘soar on wings like eagles’. (Isaiah 40:31)

Nick speaks to both those who are in the storm and those who are trying to support them. Through Bible reading, devotion and prayer, Nick gives both practical and spiritual insights with humour and love. For instance, do you sometimes wonder what is the point of praying for someone with a terminal illness?

Nick writes in Day 4 of Soar Above the Storm:
In his book A Grief Observed, C.S. Lewis talks about the death of his beloved wife, Joy, from cancer. At one point, he wonders at the cruelty of God who could allow Joy to nearly get well … only for her to be snatched back into the jaws of cancer again … and then to die.

It is hard for those who watch.

But may I speak as one who has cancer. My ‘take’ on it is different from that of C.S. Lewis. I see things quite the reverse. It has been the prayers of friends and loved ones – working in harmony with God’s purposes – that has snatched me back from death and enabled me to engage in further mission … be that writing another book, or whatever. Quite simply, I feel carried by their prayers … and it is an extraordinary experience.

So, be assured: no prayer is ever wasted. I have relied on them –and I say this as someone who may die soon.

Soar Above the Storm is a book for all of us. Order several and give them away. Each of Nick Hawkes’ short reflections remind us of God’s active presence in our lives. They give us words that perhaps we can’t find ourselves. They draw us back to the extraordinary irrepressible love that God has for us, his fallen, fallible children, born in his own image. Praise God for this book!

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