Scripture translations for over 1.25 billion people in 2023

In 2023, Bible Societies across the world completed Scripture translations in 106 languages, reaching over 1.25 billion people. This amazing result is due to the commitment of Bible Societies worldwide: a commitment to make the Bible accessible to diverse language communities across the globe.  


“In the year 2023, the collective efforts of UBS translation teams delivered Scripture texts in various formats to one in eight people worldwide. Together, we continue to play a pivotal role in bringing about a profound change in the lives of individuals and communities as we remain dedicated to our mission of spreading the transformative power inherent in the message of the Bible,”
— Dirk
Gevers, UBS Secretary General.


  • 100 million people received their first Scripture translations 
  • First Scripture translations in 72 languages 
  • First Bible Translations in 16 languages spoken by 3.2 million people 
  • First New Testaments in 17 languages spoken by 6.75 million people 

In 2023, 100 million people around the world received Scriptures (full Bible, New Testaments or Scripture portions) translated into their language for the first time. Bible Societies worldwide, in a collective effort, published 72 first translations, including 16 full Bibles and 17 New Testaments. 


First Scripture translations in 15 sign languages for 2.5 million people 

Only around 60 of the world’s 400 sign languages have some Scripture, and only one has the full Bible. Last year, Bible Societies completed additional Scripture portions in 15 sign languages. 


  • 17 languages spoken by 806 million people received new and revised Scripture translations – 3 new full Bible translations and 6 revised translations 
  • 1 new Old Testament translation and 4 New Testament Translations 
  • 4 revised New Testaments 
  • 10 new Study Bibles, including 6 full Bibles, for 833 million users 

Recognising the dynamic nature of languages and the evolving needs of different generations, especially the young ones, Bible Societies have undertaken the vital task of providing new and revised Scripture translations in 36 languages spoken by over 1.15 billion people in 2023.  


  • Over 5.96 billion people now have access to the full Bible in their language 
  • 1.46 billion people still have no access to the full Bible in their heart languages 
  • 50% of the world’s languages have no Scripture at all 

As of the end of 2023, through the collective efforts of Bible Societies and various Bible translation agencies, the full Bible has been made accessible in 743 languages, reaching 5.96 billion people worldwide. Over 70% of these translations were facilitated by the translation teams working with the 155 Bible Societies which are members of the United Bible Societies Fellowship, emphasising their collaborative role in this endeavour. 

In addition to the full Bible, the New Testament is available in 1,682 languages, while 1,261 languages have specific portions of Scripture. Collectively, this means that approximately 7.23 billion people now have access to some form of Scripture in their mother tongue. 

However, the work is far from complete, as a substantial 3,710 languages, representing half of the world’s linguistic diversity, still lack any form of Scripture. Recognizing this gap, United Bible Societies and other translation agencies remain dedicated to their mission, tirelessly working towards the ambitious goal of making Scripture available in every language. 

The ongoing momentum in Bible translation is attributed to key partnerships with local Churches, technological advancements, and steadfast commitment. These factors contribute to the unprecedented progress witnessed in recent years and enhanced quality of translations, bringing us closer to a world where every individual, regardless of language, can engage with the transformative power of Scripture. 


Since 2018, the United Bible Societies Fellowship has been focused on a vision to complete 1,200 Scripture translations by 2038. The progress made thus far is noteworthy, with 160 translations already completed and an additional 442 currently in progress. However, 598 further translations still need to begin, requiring the ongoing commitment and faithfulness of Bible Societies and their supporters. 

This vision reflects the dedication of the United Bible Societies Fellowship to ensuring that sacred texts are accessible to an even broader spectrum of communities globally. As they navigate through this extensive undertaking, the Fellowship remains steadfast in its vision to make the Bible available to everyone. 

“Translating the Bible, whether for millions or a few thousand speakers, demands consistent effort and resources. Despite being spoken by 1.46 billion people, half of the world’s languages are still without the whole Bible. Providing the Bible in their heart language is significant not only at the individual level but also at the social and cultural levels. Our teams of translators and translation consultants around the world are working with much commitment towards this task.”
— UBS Director of Global Bible Translation Alexander M. Schweitzer.


The ongoing and tireless efforts to provide a Bible for everyone regardless of their social circumstances underscore the unwavering commitment of Bible Societies to giving direct access to the Bible to more communities worldwide. It is a testament to the collaborative spirit of the Fellowship that drives this work to ensure that the transformative power of the Bible is accessible to all, regardless of linguistic or cultural differences. 

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