When you lose a child

Finding hope through the tears of grief and loss

A day to remember

This year Australia will officially recognise October 15th as International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. We’re reminded to check in with those who bear the scars of child loss, and who need no prompt to remember. “It’s like having a wound that has scabbed over – if you scratch the surface, it’s not far underneath,” says one mum who has lost a child.

The pain of loss

“It was hard to describe the grief,” says Jane, as she tells her story about losing her baby. “And it still is. I remember pacing the living room floor crying, ‘God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’” Jane felt like she longer understood God. “I would have done anything to save my first born. He let her die.”

In My Tears in Your Bottle Jane and five other women generously share with editor Sarah Kindstead their experiences of trauma in pregnancy, childbirth and infant loss. They talk about finding comfort in God and in the Psalms after their trauma. The title itself comes from Psalm 56, verse 8:

    You have kept count of my tossings;
    put my tears in your bottle.
    Are they not in your book?   

Pairing heartbreak with healing, each of the six stories in the book is a testament to the power of hope in God and the possibility of peace after overwhelming grief. These stories, and their accompanying biblical psalms, resonate with heartfelt pleas for justice, mercy and peace, and rest on the hope that can only come from God.

Get a free copy today

My Tears in Your Bottle is published by Bible Society Australia. We’d like to give you one free copy if you or someone you know is hurting from the pain of infant loss. Churches and groups offering pastoral support to grieving families can each get 10 free copies.

Stocks are limited, and these Terms & Conditions apply:

  • Individuals – claim one book for free
  • Ministry partners – claim 10 books for free. Limit of ONE ORDER per church/organisation
  • Free books are available while stocks last
  • Offer valid for deliveries within Australia only
  • By claiming your free copies you agree to allow Bible Society Australia Group representatives to contact you (for Individuals) or you/your church or organisation via phone, email or mail. See Bible Society Australia Group’s full Privacy Policy for details

The book is also available for purchase at koorong.com while stocks last.


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