Hope in a fractured land

A troubled minority anchors its hope in Christ

Israel, a nation divided

Conflict and violence have characterised Israel for generations. The Arab Israeli Bible Society (AIBS) serves a community which is a double minority: Arabs who are citizens of Israel, and Christian instead of Muslim. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict of the last 13 years has sharpened the divide between Jews and Arabs and is traumatic for this minority trying so hard to belong. The programs run by the AIBS are crucial to helping them find their true identity and worth, as well as God’s peace and hope.

Progress through adversity

Amongst these regional conflicts and the impact of COVID-19, in 2021 AIBS has still been able to run a series of workshops at churches and schools for youth and families, covering topical issues such as dealing with anxiety. Alongside these workshops, thousands of Bibles, magazines and biblical materials have been distributed to the community and more than one hundred videos have been created and shared covering devotional topics.

Prayer request from AIBS

Despite circumstances, there is still a joyous hope from our partners on the ground in Israel, both for the work being completed, and the work underway. As AIBS continues to reach people in this region, they ask for prayers for the safety and health of their staff, for the translation work underway, for those suffering under the current economical strain and that people will be touched by the message of the Bible.

Your support continues to have a resounding impact.

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