A shining light amidst crisis

Bible Society Lebanon continues its important work

An update on the current situation in Lebanon

Lebanon is currently approaching its third year anniversary of multiple crises.

What started in October 2019 as some riots asking for social reform, changed quickly into an economic meltdown and monetary restrictions of capital control, and hyperinflation was devaluating the local currency. That also was coupled with the COVID 19 pandemic and lockdowns as of March 2020. However, things were still manageable until August 4, 2020, when the largest non-nuclear explosion took place in Beirut, killing more than 220 people, injuring 6000 plus, and destroying about  100,000 homes. That was the biggest low.

Regardless, Bible Society Lebanon has continued consistently with all its programs throughout this crisis, even through the lockdown phase when many of the projects were transformed to hybrid or a virtual setting and platform.

The literacy program was put on hold for a while when the students were not allowed to physically attend classroom settings, however things caught back up very quickly when the lockdown eased off.

Our partners on the ground in Lebanon want to thank each person who has contributed and supported the Bible Society in Lebanon. They ask for your continued prayerful support that they can continue to be a great shining light in all this darkness and that they can continue to provide God’s word in all types of formats to all kinds of people who really need its message of hope.

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