A New Life, a Second Language, and an Introduction to Jesus

English as a Second Language Classes making an impact

The challenge of a new life

When Ying left his home country for a new life in Australia, he knew he had to do something quickly: learn English.

So he joined a free English as a Second Language (ESL) class at a church close to home.

Learning more than just a language

At the weekly classes, Ying would read stories about Jesus’ life in English. He says, “Week by week, I believed a little bit more of Jesus’ story.”

Over his years at the classes, Ying says that “Jesus opened my eyes to understand that the Bible is true.” Ying joined a church and got baptised in 2019.

There are countless stories like this from ESL classes all around the country. At these classes, there are thousands of people learning English — and meeting Jesus.

That’s what made Ying’s experience so special. He wasn’t just learning a language; he was learning about life!

A book that introduces students to Jesus

Many ESL classes use Michael Raiter’s popular book, Meet Jesus. It is an 80-page booklet written in easy-to-read English. In it, Michael introduces us to his best friend: Jesus.

“Followers of Jesus believe that meeting him is the best thing that ever happened,” Michael says. “That is why they want to share the good news about Jesus and what he has done for them.”

So, he’s written this book to introduce people to Jesus.

And it’s available for download — for free!

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