Northern Ireland: The Bible for All


As a part of World Day of Prayer 2022, Bible Society Northern Ireland (BSNI) began implementing a Whole Family Bible Engagement plan, which helps to bring children, young people, families and individuals closer to the Bible and therefore closer to faith in Jesus. Churches are supported by this project to engage with their members, encouraging family Bible reading, and helping adults come to terms with changes and loss from COVID-19. 

Northern Ireland is still a very divided place after decades of conflict, which many blame on religion. Also, although the number of people identifying with a Christian denomination is higher than in other parts of the UK (In 2011, 42% identified as Protestant, and a similar number as Catholic), often identity and religion are intertwined without necessarily involving church attendance or faith. Despite the focus of some organisations on Bible engagement, the levels of Biblical literacy in Northern Ireland – especially amongst young people – are declining. 

There is a unique opportunity for Bible Society to work across denominations with the Bible, and other engagement resources, to help bring more unity to Christians and society. 


  • The population of Northern Ireland is 1.9 million 
  • The 2011 UK census showed 40.8% of Northern Irish people identify as Catholic 
  • 43.6% identify with Protestant Christianity 
  • Only17% stated they have no religion or did not state a religion, and members of non-Christian religions were 0.8%.  

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