Ukraine: Emergency Response

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This project is supporting Ukrainian churches who are bringing comfort and encouragement to the people of Ukraine as they cope with the outbreak of war.

We want to share with you a video we received from the team on the ground – a beautiful video of resilient Ukrainian brothers and sisters reading Psalm 31 in their heart language from bomb shelters and cellars.

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Ukraine is going through ongoing dark and worrying times. Amidst the outbreak of war, fear and uncertainty are filling the whole nation.

Every day brings more alarming news, with continued shelling and growing numbers of casualties. This stressful situation is aggravated by unstable internal politics, harsh economic challenges, and waves of the COVID pandemic which have led to many people experiencing fear, uncertainly, and stress.

Yet amidst of this, incredible spiritual mobilisation is taking place in Ukraine. People are desperately seeking hope, but it is so hard to find without knowing God.

Bible Society Ukraine have chosen to stay and are seeing an unprecedented interest in the Bible: every day, pastors and priests call or visit their offices and ask for free Scriptures as they reach out to the military and their families, to people living next to the frontlines, and even to those further away.

While working to preserve Bible ministry in their country, the Bible Society Ukraine team are facing enormous challenges: to their lives, to their vehicles, their property and their resources.
At the same time, all sales of Bibles have stopped, which increases the financial pressure. There is a desperate need to support Bible Society staff and volunteers, as they face loss and risk their lives.

The staff need to be supported, as they are very much needed to strengthen Ukrainians in withstanding these dark times, and in the future to recover from this tribulation over the years to come.

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