Ukraine: Hope Amidst Fear


This project is aimed at supporting Ukrainian people with God’s word, as they seek comfort and encouragement experiencing horrors of a large-scale, violent war. 


Ukraine is going through a period of unseen darkness and desperation in its modern history — thousands have been killed, cities and towns are ruined, people under occupation experience terrible violence and inhumane treatment. In many areas, a humanitarian catastrophe exists, where people are deprived of basic things like drinking water, food and access to medical treatment. There is no safe place in the whole country as rockets have been hitting even its furthest areas. It is the war for the very existence of Ukrainian nation and state. This war has also affected the nation economically: towards the end of 2022, over 40% population lost their jobs or stable income.

Amidst this, overwhelming spiritual mobilization is occurring in Ukraine. Churches and Christian organizations are actively involved in helping people, bringing supplies to the frontline areas, offering shelter, psychological help and sharing the Gospel in full confidence that this is the only truth that can guide the nation through this valley of darkness. Bible Society Ukraine workers are seeing unprecedented interest in the Bible: every day, pastors and priests call or visit our offices and ask for free Scriptures as they reach out to people living next to the frontlines, to the military and their families, and even to those further away but being filled with fear and desperation.


  • Over 10 million people living in Ukraine are now left internally displaced.
  • Over 8.8 million people left Ukraine seeking refuge in neighbouring countries.
  • By the end of 2022, over 40% population lost their jobs or stable income.
  • Over 7 thousand deaths of civilians in Ukraine during the war as of December 2022.

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