The First Christian Library Vietnam

Bible Advocacy in Vietnam


Bible Society Vietnam (BSV), in partnership with the Christian Business & Marketplace Connection – Vietnam, is establishing The Christian Library in Ho Chi Minh City.

BSV wants the Library to be locally sufficient by 2024 and is seeking project support to pay for two key staff and to grow the Library resources. BSV is keen to grow its capacity in Bible engagement and advocacy through this project along with deepening relationships with churches and the Vietnamese community of Christian businesspeople.

The Need

There is no such library anywhere in Communist Vietnam. Praise God that this inaugural Christian Library, with BSV holding the operating licence, has official governmental approval!

Up to 3,000 students are enrolled in theological education and ministerial training programs in Ho Chi Minh City. Most of these theological programs have no library, which means the students are under equipped in their theological training.

Other potential patrons of the library are preachers and church workers who are desperate to refresh their Bible engagement and theological reflection in order to improve their preaching.

A third group is evangelical lay people keen to gain a greater understanding of the Bible. Once this library is well established, BSV and other donors would like to replicate
The Christian Library in Hanoi City in North Vietnam.

The Library Trustees are keen that after three years of international support, the Vietnamese Christian community will be able to take ownership of the ongoing running costs. In the meantime, a key cost of this project is the salaries of the library director and library officer.

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