If You Can Read, You Can Learn

Literacy Distribution in South Africa


In a country that is desperate for change, Bible Society is working to offer hope with God’s powerful word through South Africa’s greatest chance for the future – its children.

We continue to distribute Scripture materials for Bible-based literacy classes for very young children in disadvantaged areas. This will greatly assist the children with their formal education through the school system, as well as introducing them to the Bible at a very early age.


South Africa has suffered extreme poverty, violence and a history of racism. Almost 22% of South Africans (over 12 million people) live in extreme poverty, living on less than US$2.34 a day and unable to afford basic nutritional requirements.

Education is critical for the development of the country, but the system is experiencing real challenges. Many primary school students, especially in disadvantaged areas, cannot read or perform basic addition.

By supporting this project, you will help provide Bible-based materials that will not only provide children with a life-changing skill but also help them experience the love of Jesus.

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