Cameroon: Care for Martyr Families


This project is assisting the widows, families and communities of two literacy facilitators of Bible Society Cameroon who were murdered by Islamic militant group, Boko Haram, in 2020. This project is enabling the two widows and their 15 children to be housed, fed, clothed, educated and to undergo trauma counselling. It will also train trauma healing facilitators to ensure the broader community can begin the process of healing. 

The death of two of Bible Society of Cameroon’s literacy facilitators has been a massive loss, not just to their families but to the translation project in the Podoko language (Parkwa). Other members of the community are also victims of frequent attacks and live in fear, often taking refuge in caves. In July 2022, a Bible reviewer was killed in the region of Godigong.  These people are traumatised by what they have witnessed. 


  • In the Far North region of Cameroon, at least 80 civilians were killed by the Boko Haram group from January to April 2021 
  • Over 340,000 were internally displaced as of August 2021 

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