Young Refugees

Provide literacy classes, Scriptures and relief aid to young refugees

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War in Syria is in its seventh year. Life is on hold for young refugees; they live in refugee camps, don’t go to school, and fight invisible battles with isolation, anxiety and desperation. Their futures are slipping through their fingers.

Your compassionate response today can transform the lives of young refugees. Bible Society is aiming to raise enough funds to teach 6,000 young refugees to read and write over the next three years. Your support will also bring Bible storytelling to camps in Lebanon, distribute Scripture booklets to children and provide Bibles and practical help to Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

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Today, many young refugees fight an invisible battle with isolation, anxiety and increasing desperation. Their lives are on hold. But you can help. Please, will you give young refugees a future by teaching them to read, and providing them the message of hope in God’s word?

Your donation will help in three ways:

  1. Young refugees will be able to attend Bible-based literacy classes and storytelling shows, giving them joy, routine and the message of the gospel
  2. They’ll learn a vital life skill which will equip refugees for the future they deserve
  3. Young refugees and their families will receive practical aid kits as well as their own copy of God’s word to read, and discover Jesus’ love

Your support can change these lives. Will you help young refugees who long for a better future?

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This is a tax deductable appeal

Young Refugees

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