Liberia: Mother Tongue Literacy


This literacy project seeks to increase the reading population of the Goia, Mann, Dan and Grebo speaking people in Liberia. As well as improving the quality of the people’s lives and their contribution to society, their newfound literacy skills will mean the Bible is available to them ahead of the publication of Scriptures currently being translated into these heart languages.

Although there has been significant improvement in the literacy rate in Liberia since the reintroduction of a government literacy program in 2005, literacy among the adult population remains a challenge. Unemployment, poor health, and access to educational facilities are factors affecting the growth and development of the country. Seventy percent of the population live on less than $2USD per day. The 48% of the population who are literate are mostly adults in urban communities with school facilities and enrolment opportunities.

Due to illiteracy, the Gola, Mann, Dan, and Grebo-speaking people are unable to access the word of God. There is a need for a basic literacy program among this population, which would enable them to read the Scriptures as well as allow them to read other materials that would improve their health, participation and standing in society.


  • 4.88 million people live in Liberia
  • There are 2.54 million non-literate people in Liberia, 52.4% of the population.
  • 557,689 people speak the four target languages of this project, 85% of whom are Christians.

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