Kenya: Jesus. All About Life


Although Kenya is seen as a Christian nation, many Christians have a shallow understanding of their faith, and evangelism is a low priority for a majority of believers and churches. This Easter, in partnership with Bible Society, African Enterprise Kenya is taking the opportunity presented by the season to champion, prioritise and centre evangelism in the local church by running the Jesus. All About Life campaign.

The lack of sound biblical teaching in Kenya has left many Christians with a very shallow understanding of the core tenets of the Christian faith. Moreover, the widespread emphasis on prosperity gospel and Christian nominalism means that many people have not considered making a personal commitment to follow Jesus Christ as the Lord of their lives.

Evangelism is no longer a priority for a majority of believers and churches in Kenya. If not slowed or stopped, this trend will result to very little or no growth of the church in Kenya in the long run. As individuals and communities continue to grapple with the disruptions brought about by COVID-19, the question of what life is all about is in many people’s hearts and minds.


  • Kenya’s population is of more than 47.6 million (2019 census)
  • 85.5% of Kenyans are Christian (53.9% Protestant and 20.6% Roman Catholic)

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