Bible Advocacy

Support the truth, beauty and goodness of the Bible

What could be more worth championing than God’s word? There are many voices and sources of information clamouring for dominance in our world. Many appeals for trust, many sources of authority, many claims for respect, many causes to champion. Yet, what is more worthy to be elevated than the Bible, God’s word of revelation to mankind? In partnership with you, Bible Society is speaking and acting, in Australia and around the world, to recommend, defend, and champion the truth, beauty and goodness of the Bible.

You make it possible for us to champion the Bible in countries around the world who desperately need the truth of God’s word, the revelation of his unconditional love and care. You make it possible for us to champion the Bible in our own changing culture, in the media, at universities and schools, as well as through our digital and publishing channels, to point to the relevance of Christianity today and always.

Support projects such as:

  • Share the Bible with youth in Australia: Running events such as Masterclass to explore contemporary issues around faith.
  • Arab/Israel capacity building: Supporting the work of the Arab-Israeli Bible Society to reach the community.
  • Library in Vietnam: Establishing the first Christian library in Vietnam.
  • Eternity News: Highlighting “seriously Good News”, the work God is doing in Australia, from stories of people coming to faith, stories that tell of the resilience of churches, and new ways in which Christians are salt and light in our nation and overseas.
  • Centre for Public Christianity: Working to make the truth, beauty, and goodness of Christianity clear to secular Australians

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