Gift a First Bible

Provide God’s word to those who have yet to receive it

There are currently 1.5 billion people in the world who do not have the whole Bible in their heart language. 246 million of these do not have any Scripture at all in their language. There are millions more who are unable to access a copy of the Scriptures due to persecution, isolation or poverty.

Bible Society Australia wants this to change. We believe in the Bible for everyone. For this reason we are currently supporting vital translation and distribution projects to provide first Bibles for people in Cuba, Egypt, Iraq, Nicaragua, Philippines, South Africa, South Africa, South Pacific, Suriname, and Vietnam. Will you join us in giving the precious gift of God’s Word to those who are still waiting with yearning?

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Every $11 helps us print and distribute a first Bible to a waiting Christian. Maria, a believer in South Sudan says “I waited for the Bible and waited! I thought I would die before seeing or touching the Bible.”

Too many Christians, like Maria, have grown up or become Christians hearing the gospel and Bible stories but have never seen or owned a Bible in their own language. For many this is because the Scriptures have yet to be translated into their language. For others poverty, isolation or persecution prevent them from owning a Bible.

Will you join us in giving this precious gift to those who are still waiting in hope?

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