Gift a First Bible

Provide God’s word to those who have yet to receive it

Every $11 provides a waiting Christian with their first Bible.

Can you imagine not having a full Bible to turn to? For countless Christians around the world, a Bible in their own language is something they’ve longed for, prayed for and dreamed of for decades. For many, this is because the Scriptures have yet to be translated into their heart language. For others poverty, isolation or persecution have prevented them from owning a Bible.

Your donation will help provide yearning Christians the most precious gift they’ll ever receive – God’s word in their heart language.

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  • 246 million people remain without a single Scripture verse translated into their heart language.
  • 411 million people have restricted access to God’s word with only some portions of Scripture in their language.
  • Countless others can’t afford or access a Bible.
  • Bible Societies and their partners are currently working on over 400 projects around the world including Bible translation and distribution in countries such as Cuba, Egypt, Iraq, Nicaragua, the Philippines, the South Pacific, South Africa, Suriname and Vietnam.

Your generous support will go to translation and distribution projects working toward the day when everyone can access the full Bible in their heart language.

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