Vietnam: First Bible for a Minority Group


This project will translate the full first Bible for a minority ethnic group*, living in Central Vietnam. Christians among this ethnic group face both poverty and persecution for their faith, and are in need of Scripture in their own language to persevere, grow and share their faith.

Christians among this minority ethnic group* have struggled to persevere in their faith without Scripture in their own language. The Gospel reached this community in 1957, yet only some small house churches with around 500 believers survived. They face poverty and persecution in their faith, and a closed door for evangelism, because their people think they practice a foreign religion, since the Bible is in a foreign language.

These Christians are desperately in need of a Bible translation in their own language, so their faith can stand firm and grow. Local church leaders from the Evangelical Church of Vietnam and some house churches, approached Bible Society Vietnam for help to translate the Bible into their language.


  • There are 133,000 speakers of this ethnic minority language in Vietnam
  • 55% of this ethnic group are Hindu, 10% are Muslim
  • There are only around 500 Christian believers in this ethnic group

*The name of this ethnic minority, and the name of their language, are kept private for security reasons 

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