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Maybe someone has asked you that wanting an update on your life. But it’s a deep and profound question for journalists. How do editors decide what to show on the TV news bulletin or print in their papers? Eternity Newspaper makes no attempt to cover the kind of news that you get elsewhere in the ‘majors’. Our distinctive difference is that we are a Christian Newspaper.

Jesus spoke of “wars and rumours of war” and “nations rising against nations” – which are the unpleasant realities of every age. But the biggest story for Eternity will always be news of God’s kingdom – the kingdom that is growing. There are many more Christians on the earth today than at any time in history. And that means many more stories about Christians creatively sharing their faith or persevering when being a Christian is difficult or dangerous.

We want to encourage individual Christians and churches around this great country of Australia to know that God’s kingdom is truly advancing, and inspire them to be faithful in their witness. If we can help God’s church persevere at a time when many think that Jesus is irrelevant, then that is worth doing.

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However, we need your help to do this. Our readership survey indicates we’re reaching 300,000 Australian Christians. But advertising revenue doesn’t meet the costs of employing our fantastic team of journalists.

And that’s apart from the costs of sending them to where the stories are or the costs of printing and distributing a free paper to an expanding base of churches.

Jesus’s gospel was ‘good news’ – good news about salvation from God. Eternity Newspaper is committed to sharing that good news.

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