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China: Scripture for the Millions

Believers across China are waiting for God’s word

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The Church in China is growing faster than we can imagine. A million people come to faith every year*. Christians need Bibles, they need trained pastors, and they need to be able to read God’s word.

You are the key. 

We’ve been helping the Church print Chinese Bibles for decades, but there are never enough. The Chinese Church soaks up Bibles like desert sand soaks up water.

Approval has been granted to print and distribute 3.34 million Bibles for China this year.  The printing presses are ready to roll. The only thing that’s missing is funding for Bible paper.

Just $2 buys the paper for one Chinese Bible. Please, will you help provide Bibles to China?

*based on conservative estimates

Looking to gift a Tax Deductible donation to China? Then follow this link.

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$40 helps to buy paper to print Bibles for 20 Chinese Christians
$100 helps teach five Christians to read and provides each with a Bible
$1,720 helps buy a whole roll of Bible paper – enough to print Bibles for 860 waiting Christians

Your help is urgently needed:

  • The Church really is growing fast. Churches are so full people spill into church courtyards, and villagers walk for hours to attend services.
  • The Bible shortage is more acute than ever. Due to funding shortages over recent years, the quantity for Bibles for printing and distribution has been reduced.
  • One in four of the world’s non-Christians lives in China. Many are searching for truth, grace and new life.

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China: Scripture for the Millions

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