China: Scripture and Literacy


This project provides literacy classes for rural Chinese Christians, allowing greater accessibility to the Bible. The majority of the Christians in China live in rural areas and a high percentage of them are non-literate or semi-literate. The goal of this project is to help Christians acquire literacy skills so that they can read and understand God’s word and learn its truths.

According to the Census in 2020, there are over 37.75 million non-literate people above 15-years-old in China. Of this number, about 75% are women, due to cultural and traditional practices that deprioritise female education.

Most Chinese Christians are among this number and are too poor to receive any form of education. The need for literacy classes is significant. Additionally, improved literacy helps to address the church’s concern over the widespread infiltration of cults found mainly in rural areas. Biblical literacy will help Christians discern between true and false teachings and prevent believers from being swayed by heresies.


  • 37.75 million non-literate adults in China
  • 97.44% literacy rate (as of 2020 census)
  • 75% of non-literate adults are women

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